Kings-influence of cultic worship invading the sanctuary = judgment

August 29, 2011 at 9:34 pm (Uncategorized)

As I’m beginning to read the books of Kings over again, I found an interesting commentary on it in the introduction of my relatively new Reformation Bible: Editor in chief, RC Sproul, Associate Editors, James Boice, Roger Nicole, J I Packer Edmund Clowney (WTS) that made me stop and think. It concerns our worship in the sanctuary:

From the intro to Kings (page 467 for those of you that have the Reformation Bible ESV):

“Kings as Theology: 1. The People as God’s Elect 2. My Servants the Prophets 3. One God, One Sanctuary

(under point 3)

“Consistent with this emphasis on one God and one temple is the prohibition of worshiping other gods or worshiping at other cult sites. As the books of Kings depict the deterioration in devotion toward God during the course of the divided  kingdom, the problem is not so much a wholesale abandonment of Yahweh for other gods, but combining worship of Yahweh with worship of foreign gods.  This type of religious syncretism also affected Judah. The writer cites the worship of other gods as a major reason for the defeat and exile of both Israel and Judah.”

Do we do this in today’s church?  Have cultic practices influenced worship in the modern church?There was judgment for this in the books of Kings – should we learn anything from these books concerning worship in the church today? How biblical is worship in the modern church?  Thoughts?


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