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Hi, my name is Marianna Basile. I am first-generation Italian, an only daughter. I was
raised Roman Catholic in a very strict Italian home. In going to catechism, I
started to ask the nuns, then the priests, questions that either gave me no
answer or were not satisfactory to me. I’ve had life experiences that took me
away from the Roman Catholic church and then away from church altogether. But
God (my favorite words in the Bible) brought me back to church and drove me to
His Word for the ultimate truth.  Years ago when I started back to church I ended up in an Assemblies of God church.  Again, I began to question what I was hearing/seeing and holding it all up against Scripture. Not being satisfied that I was not yet in the truth, as far as theology goes, I studied the Westminster Confession of Faith and saw how it  lined up with Scripture. This put me on a quest to find a church that had the
Westminster Confession of Faith as a creed, knowing that if that was declared
as a church’s creed, I would have less chance of being deceived by false
teaching/preaching. As a result, I am now in the Presbyterian Church in America
(PCA). I have taught Adult Sunday School and  have lead many women’s Bible studies: Chosen by God; Willing To Believe both by  R. C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries; Sovereignty of God; A Workman Approved by  God: Bible Hermeneutics by Mark Kielar, etc. I will be taking the Leadership  classes at my new church so that, God willing, I may lead some more women’s Bible studies.

My time is spent mostly in reading, studying the Word because I am so hungry and thirsty for the truth of everything my Lord will illuminate to me through His Spirit as I grow in His knowledge and of my precious salvation.  Please come and grow with me as we search the scriptures that testify of Him.

Luke 24:27
Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the
things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.


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