Books I’m reading…

Currently reading:

Bryan Chapell: Ephesians (Reformed Expository Commentary)

Peter O’Brien: The Letter to the Ephesians

O. Palmer Robertson:  The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

John Gerstner: Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth: A Critique of Dispensationalism

Jonathan Edwards: Knowing The Heart: True and False Conversion

Anthony Burgess (Westminster divine): Spiritual Refining: The Anatomy of True and False Conversion Vol 2

A. W. Tozer:  The Knowledge of the Holy

Some Books I have read:

Anthony Burgess: Spiritual Refining: The Anatomy of True and False Conversion Vol 1

R. C. Sproul: Chosen By God; Willing To Believe: Controversy Over ‘Free Will’; The Holiness of God; The Lord’s Prayer;  Holy Holy Holy;  What Is Reformed Theology?; John: St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary; Romans: St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary; Knowing Scripture; Can I Be Sure I’m Saved? plus …

Tim Challies:  Discipline of Spiritual Discernment

Dr. Kim Riddlebarger:  A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times

Martin Luther: Bondage of the Will (diatribe with Erasmus)

Jonathan Edwards:  Freedom of the Will

John Owens:  Mortification of Sin; The Death of Death in the Death of Jesus

J. I Packer:  Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

John Piper:  Counted Righteous in Christ

John MacArthur:  The Truth War: Fighting for Certainty in an Age of
Deception;  A Tale of Two Sons;  Saved Without A Doubt (1 John);  Charismatic Chaos

James M. Boice: The Doctrines of Grace; Commentary on Ephesians; Philippians

Don A. Carson:  Exegetical fallacies; Showing the Spirit: A Theological Exposition of 1 Corinthians, 12-14; Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility: Biblical Perspective in Tension

Sinclair Ferguson: The Sermon on the Mount

John Frame: Salvation Belongs To The Lord

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Michael Horton: A Christless Christianity; Christ The Lord

A. W. Pink: Sovereignty of God;  Attributes of God; Studies in Scriptures; Four-fold Salvation; The Seven Sayings of the Savior on the Cross; Exposition of Hebrews; The Holy Spirit; Doctrine Of Sanctification:Discerning real and false notions of Holiness

David Holwerda:  Jesus & Israel: One Covenant or Two?

George W. Knight: The Pastoral Epistles: A Commentary on the Greek Text

Keith Mathison: Dispensationalism: Rightly Dividing The People of God?

Thomas Watson: The Doctrine of Repentance

The Coming Evangelical Crisis: Kent Hughes, John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, Michael Horton, Albert Mohler

David Wells:  No Place For Truth: or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology?

Some of My Reference books:

John Calvin’s Commentaries 22 Volumes

John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion

Louis Berkhof:  Systematic Theology 

Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

Strong’s Concordance

Sermons of Jonathan Edwards

Sermons of Martin Luther

Sermons of Charles H. Spurgeon

Westminster Confession of Faith

Some of my Bible Study tools:

Logos Bible Software 4

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon

Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible: NASB – Spiro Zodhiates

The Reformation Study Bible: English Standard Version – published by Ligonier Ministries, General Editor: R. C. Sproul

The English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament:  English Standard Version

Interlinear NASB-NIV Parallel New Testament in Greek and English – Alfred Marshall

Interlinear Hebrew Greek English Bible – J. P. Green

New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament –  Cleon L. Rogers Jr. & Cleon L. Rogers III

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar – William D. Mounce

…. plus more ….


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